President’s Cup: TOP DOG
Canyon Cup (Over 40’): Outrage
Canyon Cup (Under 40’): Raising HVAC
Most White Marlin Releases: Outrage, 27 Releases
Most Blue Marlin Releases: Fishaholic, 2 Releases
Inshore Boat of the Year: Mikes Low Budget
Offshore Boat of the Year: Outrage

Junior Angler of the Year: Natalie Tool
Female Angler of the Year: Helen Slone
2022 Angler of the Year: Matt Cusamano

First White Marlin of the Year: Greg Robinson
First Blue Marlin of the Year: Greg Robinson

Heaviest Seabass: Mikes Low Budget, 2.25lbs
Heaviest Fluke: Miss Elaine, 9.1lbs
Heaviest Drum: Lori Ann, 56.4lbs
Heaviest Tuna by a Junior Angler: Natalie Tool, 70.8lbs

Heaviest Wahoo: Digger, 53lbs
Heaviest Mahi: Reel Steel, 24lbs
Heaviest Swordfish: Beast, 88.8lbs
Heaviest Tuna: Beast, 189lbs

Heaviest Tuna: Outrage, 227lb Big Eye
Heaviest Tuna, Female: Helen Slone, 91.3lbs
Heaviest Tuna, Junior: Dan Unger, 89.3lbs
Heaviest Mahi: Physical Therapy, 41lbs
Heaviest Tog: Fishing’ Fever, 25.8lbs
Heaviest Fluke: Determined, 6.9lbs
Heaviest Tile: 28.5lbs

Tournament Winners

2022 CMMTC Labor Day Overnighter Tournament

Large Boat Billfish (over 40′): Oil Slick
Heaviest Mahi: Crazy Lady
Heaviest Tuna: Pair of Docs

2022 CMMTC Canyon Kickoff

Heaviest Tuna: Pipe Dream
Heaviest Seabass: Mikes Low Budget

2022 CMMTC Ladies Billfish Invitational Tournament

Small Boat Billfish (under 40′): TOP DOG
Large Boat Billfish (over 40’): BADGER
Heaviest Mahi: Guided Discovery
Heaviest Tuna: Physical Therapy
Billfish Releases: TOP DOG

2022 CMMTC Fluke Invitational Tournament

Heaviest Flounder: TOP DOG

2022 CMMTC Drum Tournament

Heaviest Drum: Lori Ann

First Billfish of the 2022 Season

First White Marlin of the Year: Rakfin, June 16, 2022, Tommy Milcarek
First Blue Marlin of the Year: Beast, July 14, 2022, Tommy Belansen

2022 Lifetime 1st Billfish

White Marlin

Tommy Milcarek, June 16, 2022, Rakfin
Rachel Waters, September 12, 2022, Beast
Dante Spina, September 18, 2022, Outrage
Robbie Haines, Jr. August 3, 2022, Raising HVAC
Kylie Bush, August 19, 2022, Badger
April Vanaman, September 18, 2022, Electric Ark

Blue Marlin

Fred Tuttle, September 20, 2022, Wayne’s World