President’s Cup: Digger
Offshore Boat of the Year (Over 40′): Polarizer
Offshore Boat of the Year (Under 40′): Digger
Inshore Boat of the Year: Electric Ark, Determined
Angler of the Year: Greg Robinson

Female Angler of the Year: Rachel Linus, Helen Slone
Junior Angler of the Year: Dan Unger

First White Marlin of the Year: Greg Robinson
First Blue Marlin of the Year: Greg Robinson

Heaviest Tuna: Outrage, 227lb Big Eye
Heaviest Tuna, Female: Helen Slone, 91.3lbs
Heaviest Tuna, Junior: Dan Unger, 89.3lbs
Heaviest Mahi: Physical Therapy, 41lbs
Heaviest Tog: Fishing’ Fever, 25.8lbs
Heaviest Fluke: Determined, 6.9lbs
Heaviest Tile: 28.5lbs


White Marlin

Jason Reed, Back N Down
Katlyn Mogavero, Beast
Mike Campbell, Beast
Clarissa Leewright, Electric Ark
Abby Hanson, Erika Sue V
Andy Garoppo, Outrage
Brian O’Donnell, Outrage
Chip Garguilo, Outrage
Colin Brown, Outrage
Dan Brown, Outrage
Jim Gregory, Outrage

Tom Kuensel, Outrage
Vince Rongione, Outrage
Lauren Jobes, Pair of Docs
Dan Unger, Physical Therapy
Alexa Fama, Polarizer
Ava Johnson, Polarizer
Jenn Garrison, Polarizer
Mel Sudell, Polarizer
Sonya Logue, Polarizer
Kyle Wright, Raising HVAC
Jeff Burke, Reel Steel

Blue Marlin

Brian McKnight, Badger
John Belansen, Beast
Ariadna Ochoa de Solis, Digger
Mike McHugh, Outrage
Andrea Kornick, Physical Therapy